Genesis Coupe ST Suspension FRONT Sway Bar 2010 - 2015

  • Model: ST-Front SWAY-GEN
  • Manufactured by: ST Suspensions
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Of all the possible suspension modifications designed to improve your vehicle's handling characteristics, the installation of sway bars has the most drastic effect on body roll without adversely affecting ride quality. Constructed from high quality steel for precision performance and powder coated for durability, the sway bars from ST Suspensions effectively reduce body roll, improve stability, and give you added confidence when cornering. ST sway bars are fully adjustable with multiple end link mounting points and adjustable heim joint end links that make it possible to correct for problems with oversteer and understeer. All ST sway bar kits include the necessary mounting hardware, bushings and installation instructions.


  • Sway Bar Specs:
  • Front Bar: 28mm